Our R&R Philosophy

You haven’t squirrelled away hard earned dollars, and put up with the non-believers to taint your body with produce Mother Nature wouldn't recommend, right?

We treat every one of her apples as if it’s the last one we’ll ever grow. And here’s our secret recipe - sunlight, water, love and a little luck.

Willie Smith's

Apple purity package.

William Smith would have jumped with glee to see his precious fruit grow up to be become one of Australia’s most awarded cider’s.

Visit williesmiths.com.au for the low down on their high end cider. Or just pop in when you come down the Valley. The Apple Sheds’ on your right.

Home Compostable

We dont like plastic. Plain and simple.

So we set out to become Australia’s first organic company to use 100% home compostable packaging.

Yep, you heard that right. We’re helping mothers little microbes do the hard yards on breaking down packaging into worms and verdant, lush soil ready to make your summer tomatoes sing. Good for you. God for the planet.