Apples from
the Huon Valley, Tasmania.


In 1998, two years before the United States Department of Agriculture started a national program (NOP), R&R Smith went organic.

We knew Mother Nature did an excellent job of preparing the tastiest, highest nutrition, lowest carbon-footprint fruit so if we just followed her lead we’d be ok.


The Smiths

Since 1888, our family has grown apples in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley. In 1998 we went organic.

With sunlight, water, love, and a little luck we nurture our organic orchards because we believe everyone deserves the best mother nature can offer.


R&R Philosophy

You haven’t squirrelled away hard earned dollars, and put up with the non-believers to taint your body with produce Mother Nature wouldn't recommend, right?

We treat every one of her apples as if it’s the last one we’ll ever grow. And here’s our secret recipe - sunlight, water, love and a little luck.



Some favourites from your past along with a couple of future classics.

Fed by Mother Nature, tended by R&R Smith.