Home Compostable

We dont like plastic. It's in our nature.

So we set out to become Australia’s first organic company to use 100% home compostable packaging.

Now all our bags can be broken down by the marvellous microbes in your compost. Then they’ll feed the local worms, boost your soil’s biodiversity and help your garden – and the world – stay healthy. So when you’re done with our bags, chuck them in your compost – just like you would our apple cores. Unless you like to eat the cores. No judgement here.

Our packaging is fully home-compostable

We’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment – it’s one of the reasons we went fully organic in 1998. So when we discovered we could use fully home-compostable packaging for all our delicious apples, we jumped right on board.

Our bags are made by our mates at TIPA, and are certified by the Australian Bioplastics Association. You can find out more about how they’re created and the materials they’re made from at tipa-corp.com. But most importantly, all you need to do when you’re done with our bags is chuck them in your compost – just like you would our apple cores.

How it works

  1. After use, remove any non-compostable label
  2. Place in home compost or organic waste collection where accepted
  3. The packaging disintegrates within 6 months and decompose within 12 months
  4. Once the compost is ready, use for your garden!