Our business has been certified organic since 1998. We made the switch because we believe that our apples taste good when they’re grown under natural, optimal conditions.

We also wanted to make sure we were doing the very best we could to care for the land that cares for us. That’s why we use no synthetic chemicals to control pests or fruit illnesses, and why we work with recognised scientists to continually improve soil health, tree health and the quality of our fruit, as well as to lessen our impact on the environment.

What organic means

Organic farming is a holistic approach to farming that views the health of the soil, the plants and the people involved as one continuous system.

In a technical sense, being organic means we’ve complied with a third-party certifier (in our case, the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia, or NASAA) and met their standards for organic certification.

We believe in the key principles of organic agriculture as defined on the NASAA website which includes:

Principle of health
Organic Agriculture should sustain and enhance the health of soil, plant, animal, human and planet as one and indivisible.

Principle of ecology
Organic Agriculture should be based on living ecological systems and cycles, work with them, emulate them and help sustain them

Principle of fairness
Organic Agriculture should build on relationships that ensure fairness with regard to the common environment and life opportunities.

Principle of care
Organic Agriculture should be managed in a precautionary and responsible manner to protect the health and wellbeing of current and future generations and the environment.


R&R Smith is fully certified organic with National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) which is a registered organic certification service provider with the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and conforms to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

We are audited every six months for compliance to the guidelines and principles of Organic apple and cherry production according to NASAA and in conformity with AQIS and IFOAM regulations. If during any routine inspection or during any random inspection we are found to have seriously breached our certification we risk the loss of our certification.

In addition to our organic certification and audit regime, we also comply to the strictest Quality Assurance programs in Australia, each with an additional set of audit and compliance obligations.

We strongly believe that organic certification and compliance is the only real customer assurance programme that can truly guarantee food authenticity. It proves that our apples are really apples, that we have not adulterated them with synthetic ingredients and that we have done this while respecting the environment and communities around us.