The R&R Way

Our commitment to making sure all our fruit has a purpose is just as strong as our commitment to growing the best organic apples we can. It’s why we believe in acting as part of a circular economy—we want to close the loop on the impact our species has on the planet.

This way of thinking plays a part in everything we do, including:

  • Caring for and regenerating our soil
  • Reducing as much waste as we can, from our packaging as well as our produce
  • Continually searching for ways to improve and lessen our environmental impact


We operate out of our pack house located at our Grove orchard.

We have a team of twelve local people who make up our core team and during the picking season we hire another sixty pairs of hands to help retrieve our apples from the trees.

As the apples progress through our pack house they are checked by 24 pairs of eyes as well as passing through our grader twice, this means that our suppliers are provided with quality fruit each time on time.

Converting to organic

When we convert an orchard to growing fully organic apples, the conversion takes four years.

During that time the fruit which is grown is labelled as Organic in Conversion, or OIC. This was a way for us to package up fruit that may otherwise not have made it to the shelves. You can find our OIC range at Woolworths nationally.

Apple Pulp Paper

In 2019 we were approached by Planetree Studio (located in Hobart) to partner on a project to make paper out of apple pulp.

The paper turned out very well, we use it for our business cards and some stationery. If you’d like to learn more about the paper or purchase some you can contact Planetree Studio here.

Punnets and packets

We began developing a commercially viable recyclable fruit punnet in 2018 and after a year of research and development with Orora packaging we took it to market with our Woolworths Macro branded apples in 2019.

Since the launch in 2019 it has prevented more than 1 million plastic punnets from entering the waste stream.


When we say that none of our apples are thrown out or wasted, we mean it.

One of the uses our apples are put to is as fresh juice, through our partnership with Juicy Isle. These apples are pressed directly over the road from our orchards at Juicy Isle’s headquarters. You can learn more at

Willie Smith's

When our apples aren’t suited to supermarkets (almost always for cosmetic reasons, like being oddly shaped or having a few freckles) or pressed into juice, they’re turned into premium cider by our partners at Willie Smith’s.

Since 2012, Willie Smith’s has been brewing some of the best and most popular cider in the country, winning many national awards. Today they create over 500,000 litres of cider each year, most of it with organic apples sourced from our orchards. You can learn more at