The Fable

Company founders often relate tales of overcoming insurmountable odds, of their relentless drive for innovation, of inspiring visions and lofty objectives.

But I’m not one of those, because at twenty two, inheriting an apple business in Tasmania’s Huon Valley I had just one thing on my mind - how can I save the family farm?

My grandparents, Ruth and Ron, built a thriving business from humble beginnings. What they couldn’t possibly foresee as they passed the orchards on to my father were the coming ravages that cheap fruit would have on a market half a world away.

A thousand apple businesses in Tasmania shrank to forty-four, and I knew, right then and there simply getting better was not going to cut it any more.

At that moment R&R Smith sat on the precipice.

Doing the right thing is not always the easiest path and it’d be fair to say not everyone thought going organic was a wise move. In the early days I’d turn up to work and fight for what I believed in; that everyone deserves the best nature can offer. And if you want to grow natures best, then the only system to use is hers.

Andrew Smith, Grandson of Ruth & Ron.